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FSAT Memberships

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Want to be an FSAT Member?

Please read Membership types carefully and choose which best applies to you. Memberships run through 1st of January to the 31st of December each year.

For Information on 2024 Membersips, please contact FSAT directly.

FSAT Memberships: Classes

Membership Types

FSAT Memberships: Text

TIER 1 - FULL MEMBERSHIP $95.00 For skaters 18 years and over. Includes $25 ISA Insurance fee.

TIER 2 - JUNIOR MEMBERSHIP $95.00 For skaters under 18 years. Includes $25 ISA insurance.

TIER 3 - AUSSIE SKATE LEVEL MEMBERSHIP $70.00 For skaters currently competing in Aussie Skate levels ONLY (Must be a current Aussie Skate Member - as this contains your ISA insurance).

TIER 4 - COACHING MEMBERSHIP $40.00 For non-competitive coaches only. You must have a current fully accredited APSA Membership.

TIER 5 - FAMILY MEMBERSHIP (FULL) $88.00 Skaters 18 years and over. A 10% discount entry for immediate family members living in the same household. Must have 2 or more family members of the same family. Includes $25 ISA Insurance.

TIER 6 - FAMILY MEMBERSHIP (JUNIOR) $88.00 Skaters under 18 years. A 10% discount entry for immediate family members. Must have 2 or more family members of the same family. Includes $25 ISA Insurance.

TIER 7 - FAMILY MEMBERSHIP (AUSSIE SKATE) $63.00 For Aussie Skate levels only. You must be a current member of Aussie Skate. A 10% discount entry for immediate family members. Must have 2 or more family members of the same family. 

TIER 8 - NEW MEMBER/PRO-RATA MEMBERSHIP $7.00/month For NEW/FIRST TIME members only! Must pay Pro-rata fee calculated on $7 per month of remaining calendar year (select Pro-rata fee payment option under optional items). Plus $25 ISA Insurance Fee for non-Aussie Skate level skaters. For new members joining in April through to December. If going prior to this, select an above option. 

TIER 9 - ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP $0.00 This is a non-skating membership for Honorary Committee Members, Life Members, non-skating members, etc. Does not include ISA Insurance. 

TIER 10 - TICKET TO PLAY You must have a current Government Ticket to Play voucher. If this applies to you, please contact FSAT prior to registering for this FSAT Membership. 

FSAT Memberships: Text

FSAT Team Jackets

Are you looking to purchase one of our FSAT team jackets? You must been an FSAT member prior to purchasing. Jackets are made to order and as such may take up to two weeks to be delivered to you. Kids and Adults sizes available. Please see the document below for jacket size charts and information on how to order yours!

FSAT Memberships: About
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